Block Fab App-Yankee Puzzle 69

The last block in this app is called Yankee Puzzle.

Here are the fabrics I chose.

pic 1 yankee (Small)

I cut 1 strip 4 3/4″ w, then cut 2 squares, then 8 quarter square triangles.

From the other two colors cut 1 strip each 4 3/4″ w, then cut 1 square from each color, then 4 quarter square triangles from each color.

I laid it out as follows.

pic 2 yankee (Small)

Then I sewed my quarter square triangles together, pressed and trimmed.

pic 3 yankee (Small)

This is a good block for scraps too, I’ll have to try it.

These are just a couple of the quilts I made from these blocks.

block quilt final (Small)pic 1 block app (Small)

I hope you had fun watching these blocks come together as I had making them.

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